Moulded foams for aeronautics

We manufacture flexible or semi-rigid moulded foams for aeronautics or others applications.

We accompany you for your projects from the mold design and manufacturing, from the design of the part to the production in small, medium and large series.

This technology of moulded foams allows the realization of complex shapes with its advantages:

  • drastic waste reduction = environmental protection
  • production costs optimization
  • guaranteed repeatability of shapes and geometries
  • possibility of overmolding certain materials: sheet metal, leather, imitation leather allowing bonding operations suppression.

We offer two ranges of foams:

  • MI-ACH-XX = standard industrial foam (furniture, upholstery, boating, automotive and motorcycle)
  • MGI-ACH-XX = moulded foams for aeronautics, that’s meets aeronautical requirements.

ACH was awarded the FRANCE RELANCE – INVESTIR L’AVENIR plan in 2021.
France Relance

Armrest - Moulded foams for aeronautics
Injection moulded foams
Armrest with ACH moulded foams